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 MissSacred [GM]/[ADMIN] app

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MissSacred [GM]/[ADMIN] app Empty
PostSubject: MissSacred [GM]/[ADMIN] app   MissSacred [GM]/[ADMIN] app EmptySat Mar 26, 2011 1:29 pm

1. Age: 35

2. In-Game name: MissSacred soon to be.

3. Why you want to be apart of the BlacOut-Dekaron Staff Member: To hel pand encourage others to join our wonderful server.

4. Previous Experience regarding {MOD} [DEV] [ADMIN] or [GM] work, or even how helpful you were on other forums if thats the only exp u got: i was [IVS] in Dekaron infernal, i was [GM]Lazy in EliteDekaron

5.What you have to offer BlackOut-Dekaron if your added to staff, and what your doing now to help out
6.How active are you In-game and on the forums: Catch hackers ALL the time!!!!, do events for the community and much much more!

7. Do you speak any other languages besides English? a little hebrew, but mainly english

8.Other information that you think we should know about you: Im 35 very good at using /GM commands and index numbers for monsters and map ID's, I can use the dedi and also catch name hackers really easy.

My name is ronnie
Im female

Thanks for reviewing my appilcation


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Head GM
Head GM

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MissSacred [GM]/[ADMIN] app Empty
PostSubject: Re: MissSacred [GM]/[ADMIN] app   MissSacred [GM]/[ADMIN] app EmptySat Mar 26, 2011 6:43 pm

rejected, rules not followed, help is not needed right now, will be contacted if accepted by admin.
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MissSacred [GM]/[ADMIN] app
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